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I am an energetic healer and

reiki master

honoring & sharing

natural magic

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Each is chosen with a discerning eye and insight of a reiki master. Gems are intentionally set and strategically placed for best energetic healing effects.
Cleared, saged, and reiki'd. 

Crystal beauty goes beyond a single photograph~ trust your gem will be even more dazzling resting on your heart or in the palm of your hand. 


CUSTOM ORDERS are encouraged and enjoyed. See something in your mind's eye? Send a message to shopingot@gmail.com and let's make it real. 

Necklaces are made with non-tarnishing 14k gold-fill chains. Rose gold and sterling silver are also available. You can mix metals, customize length, or make it adjustable.
If you break a chain, rejoice!

Enjoy INGOT!



INGOT began with a celebration of love and continues to grow as one. 

In 2011, I made a necklace to commemorate the bestie's wedding. 
Her boss and boutique owner at the time asked me to make more, and then some more. A few other shops joined in... a business blossomed!
The style wild, rock geek and reiki lover in me got into it and totally dug it. Somewhere between hippie crystals and her majesty's gems, INGOT pieces are full of magic and fully wearable. 
I was in grad school at the time, studying integrative medicine and reiki, learning the science and magic of crystals. Piezoelectric and pyroelectric effects, crystal-lattice molecular formation, EM frequency, color therapy... the magic is really real. As my interest and abilities with energetics developed, it became imperative to share the magic/science with others.

It has been a joy, passion, and privilege to find unique and rare gems, bursting with life and energy, and sharing them with you unique and rare gems, bursting with life and energy.

It is my mission, labor of love, and honor to share thoughtful and genuine, beautiful earth mineral magic with you. 

With love,

T. Oki